Teamed up with Ozones Hip-Hop trio The Overlordz to create true Orlando Magic. The three emcees that form the Voltron of Overlordz is Word Chemist, Unique Assassin, and Shinobi Stalin. Recently, OL has collaborated with lifestyle brand #GetSome to create this rare glimpse into the day in the life of 3 emcees from the east side of Orlando. DJ Stranger on the scratch tables and BIG thanks to Juan Solo and Bill Money for making things happen. Ozone Hip-Hop representing to the fullest.

Song: Affluence – Overlordz

Song Production: Shinobi Stalin

Video Created By: Karl Rex

Learn more about the Overlordz here: http://vetsofkin.bandcamp.com/

Download the song for FREE here: http://wordchemist.bandcamp.com/track/affluence-w-the-overlordz