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    Late night post because this video is sooooo DOPE yet sooooo NOT SAFE FOR WORK and the little duns. #asHEARDon 3-10-12
    The new track from El-P’s new album ‘Cancer For Cure.’ Director: Timothy Saccenti Producer: Brody Baker Producer: Lauren Sieczkowski Production Co: Starworks Group DOP: Ivan Abel Production Designer: Peter Mayer Art Director: Stewart Gerard Editor: Ryan McKenna Creative Director/Flame: Mark Szumski Flame Assistant:Liz Berdnt Rig Removal: Russell Mack Post Producer:Rob Meyers Puppet Maker: Jeff Roberts Puppeteer: James Wojtalnoisey YouTube

    El-P “Cancer For Cure” OUT NOW!

    Download on iTunes $9.99 Download on Amazon $6.99

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